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Welcome to website!  The website that is all about what we do as humans.  If you are new to this site, take a few minutes to play with the buttons on the left hand side of the screen.  There you will find access to the GoDogit blog where you can look at what's been posted for avid viewers.

This web site is about doing things just for the shear sake of doing them.  If we didn't hike, camp, attend functions, ski, write, sing, play an instrument or even read a book, we would be spectators.  There are interesting places to visit, must see locations to share with others, and new and exciting adventures awaiting us to explore.  OK!  So how do we get to pursue all this things you might ask.  GoDogit has an idea!

All of us are already somewhere here in the universe, so why not begin there.  Ones can be found in your own home town or back yard for that matter.  You only need to go there!  And when you do, you become a participant, not a spectator.  Share your experiences with us, we would love to hear from you.

Visit GoDogit Blog and share comments.  Also visit the Blog and links to other websites.  Whatever your interests, pursue and enjoy them!  Now GoDogit...